Swingin’ Me

Long Lasting, Professional Quality

Professionals, Nurseries, and Day Care centers now have a commercial quality motorized swing to choose from. Get your babies up in arm’s reach and stop kicking those little plastic swings around. The Swingin’ Me is sturdy and stable. Imagine parents able to bring a sleeping child straight from the car to the moving swing while staying in their own car seat in one simple motion.

Your staff will have a solid swing to rely on. Baby’s parents will be impressed.



Product Description

The Professional Quality Motorized Swing Baby and Toddler Sizes

An infant swing to last through the ages. No sounds, or visuals, The Swingin’ Me™ is just a smooth and steady variable speed ride that gives users that wonderful sense of swinging and that one second of weightlessness. Heavy-duty professional quality motorized swing. You can easily add the visuals and sounds for your baby.

Imagine taking sleeping baby from a car directly onto a swinging swing. Car seat and all.

The Baby Swing that keeps on swinging.

  • Powerful USA made motor
  • Variable speed controller
  • Can swing baby and car seat together
  • Sturdy Swing Frame Construction
  • Baby is well above the floor
  • Easy enough to move around
  • Baked on, beautiful, low gloss finish
  • Holds a variety of swing seats and different ways to hang them
  • Easy set-up
  • Non marring poly urethane feet
  • The last baby swing you will need to purchase

“Baby swings on the market these days last for about one babyhood. They don’t take much weight, are low to the floor, seem cheap, but have lots of fancy looking bells, lights, and whistles.” We have been watching kids swinging for almost 20 years here at Take a Swing and feel a good swing ride is the best.

Additional Information


SWM – Baby ($1,670), SWM Junior 33 ($1,980), SWM Junior 42 ($2,390), SWM Big Junior 33 ($2,190), SWM Big Junior 42 ($2,640), SWM Grande ($3,900), Motorized Swing Unit Model 33 ($1,260), Motorized Swing Unit Model 42 ($1,760)