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Why Swinging?
Unsure as to whether Swinging can be of benefit for your child or clients? Read a summary of some articles describing the many inportant uses of swinging in sensory integration therapy. Benefits of Swinging


As you probably know: A Sensory Room is a room, or a quiet spot somewhere in the house, with all kinds of items (therapy tools, toys, decorations) which are helpful in decreasing sensory overload.

To be honest, not so long ago I thought a Sensory Room was just too much, too overdone. Little by little I realized that Sensory Integration Therapy, like once a week, is doing my son very well, but he actually needs it every day. Sometimes even more times a day. And I kept on hearing and reading encouraging stories of other parents. I just had to give it a try.

It is more wonderful than I imagined. The room is our very special spot with very special rules. The kids call it the 'Swing Room' because they love swinging the most. The room even has another name: the 'Whisper Room'. When one child is relaxing on a swing, we don't need to have the other kids running and racing around, how much fun that can be. So, the time in the Swing Room is one of quiet. When one of the kids is swinging, the others are sitting cosily on a soft mattress with some cushions, reading books, and they all enjoy this 'quiet time'! Often I play a CD with nice soft music, the light is not bright (definitely no fluorescent lighting) and the colors in the room are soft toned.
My room is 'simple' but nice and peaceful with the least distractions. I still have a list of things I want to add, like a lavalamp and an indoor trampoline, but 'simple' as it may be, the room is already a success.

Do you have a Sensory Room?
We sure would like to hear your suggestions! We can add them to this page so others can learn, use and enjoy your ideas, hints and tips.

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Trisha for Take a Swing,
mama of a 7 year old boy (diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder)

Ron of ASL Therapy in Florida says
Dear Take a Swing
We’ve been using your VLF for almost a year, it is working out perfectly for us and doing just what we needed. The we’ve tried various swing frames but your VLF is both cost and user effective for our swinging population. What a great product. Thanks again, Ron

From Jadey in Colorado who needed some customer service
I so greatly appreciate the dedication you have shown to ensuring this gets set right. It goes a long way in restoring your reputation with us, and we will not hesitate to recommend Take A Swing to others that might find it helpful. Mostly I appreciate you taking the time and effort to make this right. That goes a long way with us. We are very grateful, Jadey