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Our standard packages give a good start towards addressing your swinging sensory needs.

Sets include everything that comes with the swing frame plus

For the Junior. Set
= Hanging Canvas Seat, Soft Taco, Jr., Plywood Platform, Jr.

Adult Standard Package
= Hanging Canvas Seat, Soft Taco, Adult Plywood Platform, Adult

—Please see NOTES—







 — NOTES —

Order tip for teens or pre-teens on Package deals

-Soft Taco-

For older kids, we often make Jr. package deals that include an Adult Soft Taco instead of the Jr. Taco. The material can condense until the child grows taller. They can easily grow into the adult Taco.

We suggest stick with the Jr. Plywood Platform. It will take plenty of weight and is much more fun than the Adult size.

A word about the Plywood Platform, Adult.

The Adult Plywood Platform is our most returned swing seat. It is just so much bigger than expected. Especially compared to the Jr. Ply, the size and weight makes it difficult to handle.

It seems best suited for big people who like to take it easy.

For someone who likes to really swing, the Jr. Ply is way more fun.

BAR is either the Baltic Birch BAR or the residential steel model BAR.

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