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How Sensory Integration Therapy Helped My Son

John My Son on a Swingspent the first ten years of his life in a sea of turmoil.

His body was always tense, on alert, and he was non-stop movement. His aggressiveness included tearing, scratching, and property destruction as daily issues. Without a comfort zone, he couldn’t relax long enough to learn, love, or even just relate to anyone. His frantic eyes said it all, a silent plea for help. By ten years old, whatever potential we may have seen in him was getting lost behind his outrageous behaviors. Too much for his mom or sisters to handle.

His future was beginning to look like one of heavy medication, jail or worse.

So, we started using Sensory Integration Therapy Techniques and John responded very favorably. Eventually we were at the park every evening and John would swing for hours. We could relax and John was calm and content.

His future was beginning to look like one of heavy medication, jail or worse.”

I wanted to create a swinging sensory room to bring this therapy home. Hooks in the ceiling were out of the question, and I couldn’t find a swing frame to fit our needs and his size. I needed this stand to be strong, versatile, portable, easy to set up, and of course, affordable. I wanted to pack it into the trunk of my car and bring this therapy anywhere.

So I used my experience in manufacturing and construction to design and build this ideal swing frame. My main goals were to ensure the stand was affordable and easy to use.

I named it the Homestand II and it works great!

The Homestand II vastly improved our home life, creating a less hectic and more enjoyable environment. More importantly, this normalizing behavior spread to the rest of John’s life. School and respite workers also started to see wonderful improvements.

I couldn’t help but smile as John helped me pack up the Homestand II for visits to Grandma’s home.

Swinging and the Homestand II won’t cure Autism. However, I have experienced the positive effect this therapy tool provides, helping families to relax and enjoy each other.

It works for us, and can work for you and your child too, providing a safe and comfortable place, ready to go, anywhere you need.

Thomas Kass

PS. This is my son now. He’s all grown.

  • Kim who has had a HOMESTAND for ten years says: Tom, Actually, my husband and I have commented several times over the years that it is one the best purchases for our money that we’ve made (the others being laser eye corrective surgery and the built-in cabinetry in our walk-in closet, hehe) and that is still the case. We have 2 younger boys with Autism (now ages 15 and 11) who still use it regularly. Our oldest son has Aspergers Syndrome and prefers the trampoline. I’ve often wished there was an olympic event of who can spin the longest without getting dizzy, my middle son would win the gold. I also have to mention that it is a hit with all the other kids who come to visit and play at our house (its definitely the favorite “toy” – and they remember the swing and ask about it when they come over again. I’m so glad you have found this niche in the market, I hope it is doing well for you, as it had brought our family so much enjoyment over the years. I only wish there where more well-made and sturdy products for older kids and adults who need that kinds of rocking and motion! I thought I’d share a little about our family so you can understand how deeply we appreciation your wonderful products and equally excellent customer service! Its so nice to be remembered, even when I randomly order something from website! So, just wanted to say thanks and send our best wishes to you and your family!

  • Ron of ASL Therapy in Florida says: Dear Take a Swing, we’ve been using your VLF for almost a year, it is working out perfectly for us and doing just what we needed. The we’ve tried various swing frames but your VLF is both cost and user effective for our swinging population. What a great product. Thanks again, Ron

  • From Jadey in Colorado who needed some customer service I so greatly appreciate the dedication you have shown to ensuring this gets set right. It goes a long way in restoring your reputation with us, and we will not hesitate to recommend Take A Swing to others that might find it helpful. Mostly I appreciate you taking the time and effort to make this right. That goes a long way with us. We are very grateful, Jadey

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