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John’s first sensory room

Was at The Children’s Center for Neurodevelopmental Studies (CNS) in Glendale, AZ,  run by Lorna Jean King who with Jean Ayers helped bring Sensory Integration Therapy to the general public.

John had too many behavioral issues when we first got to Phoenix and he needed a couple of years learning to be less aggressive. That was the Latch School. If he acted out, there were four people, one for each limb, getting him to a time-out which later  changed to a sensory room.

Once at CNS his use of sensory items and knowledge of Sensory Integration Therapy expanded and he often was able to find a happy place in the midst of his confusion. Eventually his general confusion of what the world is about subsided.

Understanding the world around him was a great learning experience for him. One thing he insisted on was that we return from a car ride the using exact route we took only in reverse. Sometimes he would have to remind me which way we went so we could get back correctly.

Then he could match up his memory with seeing  and understanding (that what he thought was there was really there, or something) which helped get him  straight.

Picture of John and teacher there at CNS in Glendale,  AZ Back in 2001 Notice one of the first Homestand’s was sold to the school. They were blue back then.



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