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Baltic Birch Bar

Baltic Birch Bar


Birch installation required. Made for non 16” center ceiling joists up to 24” apart


The Baltic Birch BAR is designed for those with irregular or wider ceiling spans. It is 20 inches longer overall than our standard BAR. The Baltic Birch plywood we use is 1 1/2” thick and at least as strong as the metal we use on our regular BAR. You drill the support holes through the Baltic Birch BAR according to your ceiling’s configuration which makes it extremely adaptable. We believe a competent handy-person can find a way to attach the Baltic Birch BAR in otherwise difficult situations achieving a sturdy swing for nominal cost.


You will need to attach the BAR to three overhead beams. These beams need to be 16″ on center (spaced apart) for the BAR but they can be more variable for the Baltic Birch BAR


For standard wood frame buildings you are attaching 3 L Brackets to the 3 beams using two 5/16″ bolts for each.


So, you are drilling six 5/16″ holes all together.


It is not a difficult job (should take about an hour) for someone with a little experience and tools.

Still unsure? Give us a call, we can help!

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