sup-Cautionary_warning_480_CautionThis safety warning serves for all installations. It is important that consideration is taken in space requirements and attachments. It is a very good idea to consult a reputable handyman. Swing attachments must be made properly, in studs, or pass-through bolt construction.

Installing the Swing-Swing Safely

Swinging Space Needed

Look at your potential space. You will need a 10 x 16 feet swinging area. That is 8 feet from the swing arm in both directions front and back, and 10 feet from the wall (that the swing arm is attached to).

Tools Needed:

  • drill
  • bits
  • wrenches (to tighten down the bolts)
  • A stud finder and a step ladder could come in handy too.

Installation Requirements

Attaching the wall plate to the wall may need a professional handyman. Because walls are not uniform and the wood studs are hidden you need to be handy with tools and have some home or building remodeling expertise.

If you are installing to a standard wood frame wall, you will need to locate the studs and attach the wall plate with the furnished eight lag screws. You will need to accurately drill holes in the wall plate and the wood studs and then tighten the lag bolts into place.

Once the wall plate is installed you are about ready to go, the factory has made it easy for you from there.

For other types of walls such as block, metal frame or adobe our back plate method works best. Instead of drilling into the wall, you are drilling through it using a plate on the other side of the wall to bolt to.

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