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We strive to deliver the best therapy swings available on the market to help parents, educators, and organizations whose mission is to help those on the autism spectrum. Our commitment is to create lasting value and a hopeful future for those who need that extra help to gain calm and focus.


Tom Kass


Dee Marfil
Quality Assurance

Joseph Lopez


Get to Know Take a Swing

Take a Swing Goals
  • Making our unique products with consistent quality from the moment we walk in the door

  • Help the customer find the right product even if it is not ours

  • Looking for ways to be as cost efficient as we can, while keeping strict safety standards for better prices

  • Be aware of the difficulties associated with helping those on the Autism Spectrum

  • Create lasting value for our customers

  • Providing the tools to help create a hopeful future for everyone we come in contact with

  • Bringing calm and focus for the Autism and any other community of people

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