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What do the schools say?

Sierra Middle School

Elaine Lara

MIBD Special Education Teacher

"I wanted to write and express how much we have enjoyed our swing we purchased from you. It has been a blessing. I was Surprised at how easy it was to assemble. It is also easy to change out the swing seat. The carpeted plywood platform is a big hit with our kids. they love it. Again I just wanted to express my thanks to you and your company for creating such a functional, affordable and durable product.

Take a Swing fun facts: Schools


How long has Take a Swing had schools as a client base?

Since 2000 One of our very first sales was to San Mateo Schools.


Who are the types of individuals at schools that typically make an order or try to interact with Take a Swing?

Mostly special-education teachers, administrations, and occupational therapists.


Do you personally have any deep connection or feelings about working with schools in particular?

I feel that he Autism rooms at schools need all the calming energy they can get.


How much annual business does Take a Swing do with schools?

Take a Swing school Annual business is about 59%


How many states with schools have sold swings to?

All 50 + Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. We've sold about  50,000 swing frames.

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