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Our many years of working with teachers and therapists

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Originally, Take a Swing products were designed to help parents deal with the quirks of Autism. Our

Homestand is a quick and easily set up and portable swing frame that’s small enough to travel. At first, we

sold products through our web site that were mostly to parents with a few schools and therapists in the mix.

Eventually we expanded and acquired school, therapy, and Autism national distributors who liked our products. This was 20 years ago. Our shipments became more commercial going to schools, and therapists, or Autism Centers.

As my previous school experiences were long ago with my own teachers in elementary and high school, not a lot of therapists back then. (I was an adequate student.) More recently it has been advocating for John, as his school and therapy encounters have been far and wide.

So, now it is a more professional relationship. I work with professionals and get through whatever problem they might have. It takes direct questions and we come up with solutions.

Just one example is the development of our renowned Rope Swing Hangers. It was one of John’s first Occupational Therapists who did not like the squeaking of the steel swing hangers of her swing stand and asked for anything that would help. We came up with the great system that keeps them swinging quietly and smoothly.

I feel teachers need all the help we can give them, especially in the Special Needs/Autism room and we are always here to help them get the right piece of equipment.


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